Being Good Isn’t Good Enough

You can be the best pharmacist in the industry or run the best pharmacy in the entire United States, but if you fail to effectively communicate, you will fail.

Communicating effectively in today’s environment is tough. Because of all the media available and the constant drumbeat of messages assaulting us on all sides it has never been more difficult to get the attention of the people you need to reach in order to persuade them to buy your services.

Despite the long odds, you can be successful if you take the time to learn how to build your message, use the best platforms effectively and out-perform your biggest competitors.

You’re here, which means you’re already ahead of most of your competitors. 

Are you ready?

Let’s get started.

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Digital Marketing

You may recall the days when marketing was all about detailed research, market analysis, pricing studies and focus groups. Well, much of that remains important.
What’s changed is the new slate of digital tools that can help you reach a highly-targeted group of potential customers in real time at very little cost.

This is the age of digital marketing, and if you’re not using these tools to your best advantage you’re probably spending too much for too little results.

In short, digital marketing refers to all the Internet-connected platforms that help you get your value proposition to as many potential customers as possible. These tools include:

    • A Website
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Medial Marketing
    • Paid Online Advertising
    • Blogs
    • Content Marketing

Each component of digital marketing can be measured,so you don’t have to wonder whether it’s working. Also, each component has its own special benefits and shortcomings.
Consider the website, the foundation of all your digital efforts. While the website is a workhorse, you can’t simply create a site, publish and let it run. You need to pay attention to details such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and analytics to determine whether your site is attracting the right audience for your value proposition.

Together we will dive into each component with the aim of giving you the tools to create an integrated digital marketing campaign that can work for you all day, everyday, to attract new customers.

What’s more, digital marketing is a marvelously creative discipline and, I should note, a lot of fun!

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Finding New Opportunities

LTC Pharmacy is Changing

Even while America is getting older, nursing home census continues to decline. This is not what we expected.

Nursing homes are expensive and generally seen by Americans as undesirable venues in which to spend our last years.

The rise of assisted living communities, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) and home and community-based care options are displacing nursing homes as LTC options of choice. In 2013,
Medicaid spent more on home and community-based options for LTC than it did on nursing homes.

If you see your business as providing medicines and services to nursing home residents, your market is shrinking and the competition for the shrinking supply of customers will only become more brutal.

Re-defining the Mission

If we define our mission as providing optimal drug regimens for seniors, or more expansively, caring for people with complex medication needs, our opportunities expand exponentially. This is the substance of business development.