What are we doing?

Many of you are long-time subscribers to LTC Pharmacy News, our newsletter that focuses on policy, regulation and industry developments in the Long-Term Care Pharmacy industry.

Involvement in healthcare policy provides a unique view of where healthcare, and especially long-term care, is headed. I think we all know that the future of LTC is probably less focused on nursing facilities and more focused on assisted living and home and community-based care. Also, we know that competition in LTC pharmacy is heating up. Whether we work as consultant pharmacists or manage pharmacies, it seems that our competitors never rest.

Despite, or because of, all the changes in healthcare this is an exciting time to be in the LTC pharmacy industry. Never have there been more opportunities to grow and more options to market our services.

This site is focused on moving away from the theoretical and directly to the practical aspects of transforming your business to discovering profitable opportunities and searching out customers. We will offer unique content to help you evaluate new lines of practice and implement marketing strategies that put the full complement of digital marketing tools at your disposal.

Best of all, we will help you do this yourself, without the help of high-priced consultants.

Ready for some fun?

Let’s get started.


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