Starting at the end

Beginning a project of any kind is almost always the hardest part. That’s especially true in LTC Pharmacy Business Development.¬†Imagine the last time you bought a piece of furniture that you had to assemble. You opened the box, dumped out all the pieces and began to wonder whether it would ever resemble the finished product shown on the label or showcased in the store.
Whether you’re expanding your business or working to attract more customers you face the same problem: where do I begin?

Start with the commercial

In the business development process, you need a vision and you need for your team to see and understand the vision. You need the photo of the finished piece of furniture or the box the puzzle comes in before you can go to work to recreate the picture. I never quite appreciated this until I came across one of the most successful corporate videos ever made. Corning Glass, the inventors and manufacturers of Gorilla Glass, produced A Day Made of Glass in 2011. The five-minute video immediately went viral, eventually running up more than 26 million views on YouTube. Amazing, especially since the video had no narration and the only text consisted of titles describing the kind of glass being demonstrated. What this video achieved was to communicate a vision about what the future could look like with the innovations coming from Corning. Millions of people apparently thought this future was pretty exciting.

Make Your Own Commercial

OK, you probably don’t have a million dollars sitting around to make a video like this, but you can begin by pretending you are making that video. Most videos begin with a storyboard, which is a series of one-page mockups of elements of a story that, when stitched together, create an outline of the finished project. At this point, the process isn’t as important as the idea. We will discuss the craft of storyboarding in a future article, but remember that you need to be able to help others (and yourself) see what life could be like if they adopt your solution.

This may sound difficult but it’s definitely worth doing. The best ideas are useless unless you can effectively communicate their benefits to the people that will buy and use them. Steve Jobs understood this. The video of Jobs introducing the iPhone in 2007 is a lot longer than 5 minutes, but it represents a crystal clear explanation of the problems Apple was trying to solve and the solution they built to solve them.

I know you really want to get started inventing right now, but force yourself to take the time to create the commercial. The process will pay huge dividends in the future

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