How to Map Your Prospective Customers

Let’s say you have a long-term care pharmacy located in Central Ohio. You probably have several nursing facilities on contract in your service area, but how do you define your service area and have you made a customer map of where your high-potential customers are located?

Perhaps you are thinking of expanding your customer base by addressing a new market– which I hope is the case. For example, you may want to team up with home health agencies or hospitals. You may even have a list of where these facilities are located. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a map that shows you where they are located?

Do I have to be a techie to do this?

No.Fortunately, this is easy to do with a Microsoft Excel file and Google My Maps.

Check out our video on constructing a custom map

In this video we show how to find a list of all the nursing homes in the United States, download the file, clean it up and create a new file containing the addresses you want to map. Next, we go to Google My Maps and import the spreadsheet and….we get a very useful map.

What You Need

The Value of Your Maps

How is this helpful? Draw a radius with your pharmacy at the center. Look at the map and see how many prospective customers are within that circle. How many are current customers?

What to do With Your Map

What you do next is obvious. Gather a list of the pharmacies within that circle that could become your next customer and use that as your primary target list for your marketing campaign.

The map tells us two important details: the name and location of your new prospects; and confirms that they are within a serviceable delivery distance of your location.

Let me know how it works.




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