Do the Free Stuff First

Do the Free Stuff First

Digital marketing offers us the ability to reach out to potential customers at very little cost. Creating a website, optimizing your content for search engines and creating blogs, email newsletters and social media posts are nearly free.

Improving your digital marketing content visibility doesn’t need to cost much. You can do much of the work yourself if you are willing to invest the time.

You can also spend money like Amazon if you have the resources, which most of us don’t.

Outsourcing vs. Do-It-Yourself

The advantage of outsourcing your marketing to pros is that the folks running your marketing have already made most of the mistakes you’re going to make when you do it yourself. Mistakes are the price of admission to marketing success, so there is some value in learning by doing.

There is a middle ground. You can do several inexpensive and simple things that a pro can do without dipping into your retirement fund. Just about all these things have great leverage; meaning that the improvements you will see far outstrip any effort you make to achieve them. Consider these:

  • Optimize your web site: This isn’t just a search engine overview but look at your web site as someone who will be a visitor. Most visitors spend precious little time on your site. If they find it through a Google search they will quickly leave if they don’t see what they’re looking for on the top part of the page. Looking at my own Google analytics, most people land on my home page and spend less than a minute before either leaving or locating another page that might be helpful. I have work to do, and maybe you do as well.

  • SEO:       After looking at your site from the visitor’s perspective, go to the trouble of doing search engine optimization (SEO). This is not a mystical journey. The major search engines will help you. When you sign up for Google Analytics you will get plenty of advice from them on improving your visibility. You can also search for tips from Google and Bing, as well as most other search engines. Seems they are very willing to help you.

  • Email Analytics: Every major email distribution service (e.g., Mail Chimp, Constant Contact) will tell you how your newsletters are performing. Check how many recipients opened the mail, how many clicked on the content, how many unsubscribed and how many bounced (sent to invalid email addresses or emails returned by the server). By carefully looking at your click report you can see what content your readers found most interesting.

  • Social Media Tracking:                    LinkedIn is probably the best social media format for healthcare professionals who are looking for business-to-business (B2B) prospective customers. There may be exceptions, but business customers looking for your expertise are more likely to be active LinkedIn members. Make sure your profile is up to date and the description of your expertise is visible.

Free Isn’t Easy, but Can be Better

The best thing about taking personal charge of your digital marketing efforts is that you gain more understanding of how digital works and how your content and platforms work together to drive potential customers to your site and, ultimately, to your service. It’s not easy and it takes a commitment of time, but you will come away with a new understanding of what works and what doesn’t and how to make your marketing better.

Once you become super successful you can farm out more of the details to contractors, but my bet is that you will want to continue to manage most of the details yourself. It soon becomes nearly addictive in providing useful feedback.

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