Define Who You Are

You can’t be everything. Trying to satisfy everyone is the quickest way to satisfy no one. The first step in creating your value proposition is to determine what it is you do best.

Are you a consultant pharmacist? If so, what’s your strength? What makes you different from all the other consultant pharmacists? Time to be brutally honest. Maybe you can ask colleagues to help you figure this out. Do you have a special talent for persuading prescribers to alter a resident’s drug regimen? Perhaps efficiency is your strong suit. Time is money and you can thoroughly evaluate resident charts faster than your peers.

If you manage a pharmacy what is your strength? Are you great at helping your client nursing homes maintain compliance? Do you excel at on-time delivery? How about therapeutic interchange that maintains high-quality medication therapy at the lowest cost? All these are valuable to nursing homes but they are more valuable to some than others.

Try to make your value proposition as tight as possible. In the world of digital marketing fortune favors the specific. Consider your competitors. Do they promise excellence in everything? If so, they’re bending the truth and your potential customers know that. Be the one consultant pharmacist or pharmacy that builds on its valuable strengths and buyers will notice.