Choosing a Website Platform


logoYour website is the central character in your digital marketing efforts. Prospects can search for you and find your business (provided you have optimized it for search). Your website will probably host your marketing documents, content marketing materials and will be a platform for exchanging information to prospects and customers.

There are three primary options for your website platform: You, or your developer, can create a custom site using html, css and server-side technology; you can use a commercial drag and drop platform that makes building a website fairly simple and requires no coding skills, or; you can use a content management system that provides a comprehensive set of tools to enhance the user experience and requires minimal coding skills.

Take some time to review your options when creating your website. Do you have technical support? If so, you might find the content management platform to be a good starting point. The templates used in these sites can be modified but take a bit of skill to make things look right. If you’re on your own you may find the drag and drop platforms to be a way to create an effective site with a fairly shallow learning curve. 

Take a look at our free download: Deciding on a Website Platform to get an overview of the options available.


Create Your Movie

We’ve been using words to describe our value proposition, our ideal customer, our products and services and our unique place in our industry. Words are good. Words are cheap (pixels are almost free!). Words, as good as they are, don’t paint a picture as effectively as sight, sound and emotion. We have video for that.

I stumbled upon this truth years ago when I came across a video created by Corning Glass–the company that likely makes the glass on your mobile phone and tablet. The video is called “A Day Made of Glass”. Go ahead and take five minutes and watch it. I’ll wait.

If you’re like me (and maybe you’re not) the appeal of this video is that you visualize yourself being able to use all the great innovation displayed here  and perhaps wishing you could have it now! That’s what you want your potential customers to be able to see and experience.

The Magic of Showing

Whatever you want your business to become, it’s much more effective to show it rather than just talk about it.  So, suppose you had the budget (which you may not, more about that later) to create your own video showing what you plan to become, what would it look like?

Suppose you dream of a pharmacy that outdoes everyone in the area of customer experience, technical excellence, never-fail delivery, customer integration or innovation. What would the movie look like? If you could show your customer, or prospective customer, your dream, what would you show? That’s the aspirational vision.

Make Your Movie

This doesn’t have to be an actual video (but it’s best if it is). Try making a story board. This is a tool used by movie and video producers to outline a story. There is free storyboard software available along with tutorials on how to use it. We will do a video on how to use one of the products in a future edition. Take a look at Storyboard That, or Canva.

When you build a storyboard you can help put your dream in a visual format you can transmit to your staff, your advisers, your friends and eventually your customers. Most important, you will begin to build the video in your mind, and you can measure what you’re doing against the video that plays in your head.