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The healthcare landscape is changing. Consultant pharmacists and LTC Pharmacies are facing major opportunity as payers and consumers are searching for higher quality, lower cost care. We also have new tools to help us better communicate our value to new customers in new markets. This newsletter is intended to help us all improve our marketing skills in this new era. Welcome aboard. Stay with us and enjoy the journey to success.

Time to Reboot

I started this newsletter some time ago and have not managed to keep it up. I have plenty of perfectly reasonable excuses, but the plain fact is that I have been distracted. As a solo business I often find myself more focused on doing than on marketing and planning. Time to stop doing that.

This is a reboot of the LTC Pharmacy Marketing newsletter. More than that, it kicks off a project I will be doing to increase subscriptions to my newsletters and reaching more people like me, who are seriously interested in learning more about the fascinating discipline of digital marketing. Follow along!

The Project
It seems the more I learn the less I know. So, to make our collective understanding of digital marketing I thought we might take a look at how I intend to increase my newsletter subscriptions and eventually migrate to a premium content site. 
I will offer up some content that I have found useful and describe how I am using it to further the goals of the project. 
I need your participation in this to make it work, so check in at and make certain you follow the newsletters and updates as we go along. 
If you have found resources that are exceptionally helpful, please share them with the group.
This could be painful as you witness my attempts to get this right, but I am OK with that and want us all to learn together.
Digital Marketing For LTC Pharmacies
Interested in an overview of digital marketing? This might help get you started.
It's free, of course, but you will need to register on the site to download it. There's a method to this, which I will explain as we go along. Meanwhile, download here.
A Look at Website Platforms
A fundamental element of digital marketing is the creation and maintenance of a website. The website is your hub to all things related to your communication and marketing. Choosing the best option for your business is a critical decision, since changing platforms can be tedious, painful and difficult. 
I am working on a (hopefully) comprehensive document that covers the basics, but meanwhile take a look at some of the popular options, including WIX, Squarespace, Wordpress and Weebly. Be cautious about searching for "best website" platforms, since many of the sites masquerade as review sites, but are published by the owners of one of the platforms. Let us know if you have a platform you hate or love.
Search Engine Optimization
You may have the best content a potential client could hope for with the most compelling content and the most elegant design, but if potential customers can't find it on a Google search you may remain anonymous. The art and science of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides a path for you to give your content the best chance of being discovered by new customers. There are tools to help you do a better job of SEO, and we will look at some of these, as well as taking a deeper dive on using keywords to narrow down how searchers will find your brilliant site.
Email Marketing: Do You Have a Favorite Platform?
Despite the almost constant introduction of new technologies, email marketing remains the most effective tool for digital marketing and lead generation. There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of commercial platforms that facilitate the process of creating, editing and publishing email campaigns, as well as create mailing lists, perform marketing tests and create automated responses to reader actions. Among the well-known options are Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and iContact. Before you decide on a platform, check out the options at Capterra and search for "email marketing platforms". More to come on this topic in the next edition.
Social Media
You are familiar with social media. Perhaps you have a Facebook page and a LinkedIn account. If you're marketing to business organizations, LinkedIn is probably your main platform. Using these platforms as a marketing tool is only half the story. 

Do you monitor social media to see what people are saying about your company, your brand or your competitors? Of course, there are tools for this and in the coming issues we will take a look at the wealth of options we have to keep tabs on the buzz surrounding your offerings and reputation.
Looking Ahead
There's lots to do to get our digital marketing project moving ahead. The upcoming newsletters will focus on understanding the elements of the marketing platform, including choosing a website platform, building a prospect list, creating content that prospects will find useful and building your sales pipeline. I will be using my own project to illustrate what works and what doesn't. I expect I will find lots of dead ends, and perhaps a few useful ideas on achieving our goals together. 
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