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Your Website Platform
Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. Your online presence begins with the website and there are hundreds of sites fighting for the attention of the same people you want to reach. 

Choosing a design platform can be confusing and its important to look at all the options before you invest time in creating your online presence.

We have a download that gives you an overview of website platforms. Click here to download the pdf.
Creating a LinkedIn Learning Strategy
If your business is primarily business-to-business (B2B) you will want to spend some time and energy to create a LinkedIn strategy. You probably have a LinkedIn account and maybe even have taken the time to complete a profile. 

Most people use their LinkedIn account to attract job offers but an increasing number of marketers are using the site to showcase their business services and products. 

One of the most valuable features of LinkedIn is LinkedIn Learning, originally until it was purchased by LinkedIn. There are thousands of helpful courses and a rich source of information on succeeding as a B2B marketer on LinkedIn. 

To access LinkedIn Learning you need to subscribe to the premium version of LinkedIn, but there is a 14-day free trial to see if it meets your needs.

New Project: Health Policy Pro
I think we have discovered a need. Healthcare has become so complex that many people who work in the industry are finding it difficult to keep track of how massive healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid work. So, we decided to start a project called Health Policy Pro, a learning system that takes you from zero to mastery of federal and state health care program. We are working on getting a product to demo. If you want to follow the process, please subscribe to Health Policy Pro News.
Creating Anchor Content
Digital marketing is focused on creating content that is useful to the people whose attention you want to attract. Many successful marketers create long-form content to attract visitors and then use the same content in various forms to create blog posts or shorter pieces intended to extend the life of the creation and get more site traffic. 

Here's a piece I will be posting on my BaldwinHPG website. It's intended to give potential consulting clients an idea of how LTC pharmacy is distinctive. Since our traffic likely doesn't overlap I am happy to send you a Word version of the same document without any logo. You are free to edit, amend and post to your site if you like. No attribution needed. Just send me an email at and I will reply with the document.
What's Coming in LTC Rx Marketing News
Keep and eye out for the next edition of the newsletter. We will be covering search engine optimization and the process of generating leads for your business through content marketing.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the blog and let me know if there are other topics you would like to discuss. Also, you may want to join the LinkedIn Long Term Care Professional Marketing group.Lots going on and I'm glad you are part of the group.