Paul Baldwin

A career in public policy advocacy gives a unique view of long-term care. As officials struggle with issues of cost, access and accountability, we see new concepts emerge at the initial stages and watch as new ideas get discussed, tested and implemented.

Front-line executives and managers are frequently so invested in managing the day-to-day activities of business they have little time to step back and evaluate where the industry is headed and whether their business model will be relevant in the years ahead.

We hope to bridge the gap between effectively implementing your current sales and marketing strategy and planning for the massive changes on the horizon.

I have a long history of government relations and public policy advocacy in both the pharmaceutical industry and the long-term care pharmaceutical industry and have a unique understanding of where opportunity lies and how to leverage modern marketing techniques to help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Paul Baldwin
Baldwin Health Policy Group, LLC

Elise Smith

Elise is arguably the country’s leading authority on nursing home reimbursement, having spent more than 20 years at American Health Care Association as Senior VP of Reimbursement Policy. She has a comprehensive understanding of prospective payment and Medicaid policy and can quickly determine the likely impact of federal and state policy on the financial health of nursing homes.

Elise makes regular contributions to the LTC Pharmacy Newsletter and you can find her columns right here on the website.