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How much do you know about healthcare policy? Whether you are a total novice or an experienced hand, there’s probably something left to learn.

Healthcare policy is more than just Medicare and more than just payment policy, but since long-term care pharmacy is more dependent on Medicare that’s where we will begin. 

Take a look at these tutorials and see if they are helpful. They are a bit of a work in progress, but I will continue to work on them to get them better.

Medicare: Basic Overview

If you are brand new to Medicare, this is the place to begin. This tutorial provides a brief overview of the history of the program and its basic distinct parts

First, we cover what Medicare is, followed by who is eligible for coverage under Medicare.

Next, we look at how Medicare is funded. Taxes, you say! Yes, but there is more.

Did you know Medicare is divided in parts? The different services covered by the program are covered by different parts, helpfully titled parts, A, B, D and C.

We finish up with a not very difficult quiz. Start by clicking on the image.


Coming Next: Prospective Payment and Patient Classification